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StairArtist + Pinterest:
Increased Sales Productivity

You already know that StairArtist helps your sales by allowing your salespeople to present staircase layout proposals to your customers via email.  Take this use of StairArtist to the next level by using StairArtist with Pinterest to create a portfolio of staircase layouts for each of your customers.

StairArtist makes this possible with the new social network button for sharing on Pinterest:  

See a sample portfolio of staircase layouts
shared from StairArtist to Pinterest by clicking here.

Did you notice that you didn't need an account at Pinterest to view that portfolio!  Powerful stuff!

And there is no charge to create a Pinterest account!

Notice what happens when you click on a layout in the portfolio.....
A larger image of the staircase layout appears!  

But there is still another surprise to explore.  

Click on the larger image, or the "Website" button above the image.

Your instance of StairArtist opens, displaying the staircase layout, ready to be
edited and shared back to the same portfolio on Pinterest, or with someone else
on Facebook, Google+, or somewhere else on Pinterest!

Benefits of sharing staircase layouts on Pinterest pin boards:

1.  Your customers get to view layout constructions side-by-side, for easier decision making.
2.  You will close deals more quickly.
3.  Free and powerful Internet marketing.
Staircase layouts that you and your customers pin can and will be
re-pinned repeatedly by others, giving your company increased exposure.

Creating an account at Pinterest is quick, easy, and free!
All that is required is an email address and creation of a password. That's it!
You and your customers can create an account by going to the Pinterest website.

There are benefits to having your customers create an account at Pinterest, as you will see, below.

Pinterest Pin Boards

Pin boards are what you use to create portfolios of staircase layouts for your customers at Pinterest.

There are two types of pin boards: Secret and Public.

Public Pin Boards

A public pin board containing a portfolio of staircase layouts for a customer is visible by anyone.
It is not private between you and your customer.

But the benefit of sharing on a public pin board is that it is not necessary for your customer to have an account at Pinterest for him or her to see a portfolio of staircase layouts.

For example, you can email the URL of a public pin board to your customer.  Even though your customer does not have an account at Pinterest, he or she can access the portfolio by simply clicking the link to the pin board that you have pasted into the email.

Here are instructions on how to create and share
a public pin board of staircase layouts using StairArtist.

Secret Pin Boards

A secret pin board is what you would use to share a portfolio of staircase layouts that only you and your customer can see.  Nobody else would be able to see the portfolio.  This might be useful if you wish to quote your customer as part of the share, or provide additional information you don't want others to see.

To share a secret pinboard of staircase layouts with your customer, your customer will need an account at Pinterest.  He or she may do so by going to the Pinterest website.

Here are instructions on how to create and share
a secret pin board of staircase layouts using StairArtist.

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