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StairArtist makes it easy to design staircase layouts of any level of complexity by allowing your customer to simply drag balusters and newels from palettes of stair parts, and drop them into slots on the staircase canvas of his or her choosing.  He or she is then able to rearrange those parts on the staircase, by dragging them from one place to another on the canvas.

After completing a layout, your customer may then share that layout with as many friends (or your sales team) as he or she likes by sending an email directly from the tool, or by saving the layout and communicating the construction ID of the layout with those friends.  The layout may also be printed directly from the tool, and the part numbers / descriptions used in the layout will be printed, as well.
Your customer may wish to save his or her staircase layout to look at and manipulate at a later time, or for sharing with friends or your sales team.  This is easily done by a click on the "Save" button, located on the button bar at the top of the stair design tool.

When clicked, the staircase layout will be saved to a central server, and a unique number will be assigned to it.  That unique number can then be used to load the same layout into the tool.  If your customer then tells a friend (or your sales team) the number assigned to the layout, that friend (or sales associate) can look at the very same layout.

Your customer's saved layouts will not be mingled with any other stair company's saved layouts.  They are unique to your instance of the StairArtist tool.
StairArtist now provides the ability to share staircase layout constructions on
the social networks Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+!
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Benefits of social network sharing include:
1.  Free and powerful Internet marketing
Social network shares that you and your customers create can and will be
shared repeatedly by others, giving your company increased exposure.
2.  Customer-pleasing use of the latest technology
Sharing on social networks makes it easy for your customers to get input
from friends and family about staircase layouts they are considering.
Pinterest pin boards make it easier for your customers to perform side-by-side
comparisons of layouts they are considering.
3.  You will close deals faster
With the increased input your customers have from friends and family, and the
and the ability to perform side-by-side comparisons on Pinterest pin boards,
your customers will be able to decide more quickly on their purchase.
It is now possible to email staircase layouts, along with a message, directly from the tool to any number of recipients.  In order to monitor usage of emails sent using your instance of StairArtist, you will receive a copy of all email messages sent using your tool.

All recipients of the email will see the message your customer wrote, along with a link that, when clicked, will open StairArtist in the recipient's browser, and the staircase layout your customer was constructing at the time he or she sent the email will be displayed.  The recipient of the email may then modify the staircase construction within StairArtist, and email it back to your customer, or to anyone else he or she wishes to send it to.

Note that when recipients of the email message modify the layout sent to them, the original layout that your customer sent will not be modified.  The original will remain unchanged, and still be available for loading in StairArtist using the construction ID assigned to it when it was emailed.  All layouts modified by email recipients will be saved under their own unique construction IDs.  Each of those may be loaded at any time in the future through use of the construction ID assigned to each of them.

We make it easy for your customers to send an email to your sales team.  A button is available, next to the staircase canvas, that allows your customers to easily and quickly send an email to a pre-configured email address associated with your sales department.  In addition, the email dialog box includes a button that, when clicked, will add the email address of your sales department to the recipient list of any email your customer creates.
Your customer may print his or her staircase layout, along with the part numbers/descriptions associated with each baluster and newel used in the layout.
When your customer hovers his or her mouse over a baluster / newel, the part numbers or description you have assigned to that stair part will appear, similar to a tooltip.  This occurs for balusters / newels in the palettes on the left side of the tool, as well as for parts that have already been dropped on a staircase canvas.  Also, the part number / description you assign to a baluster / newel will be added to a list of parts you drop on a staircase canvas.  The length of the part number / description assigned to each baluster / newel can be as long as you need to describe that part.
Personalizations  (no additional charge)
Some of the staircase background images we make available to you are the following
(All rakes are available rising either right-to-left or left-to-right):
  • Open Stringer (3 balusters per tread)
  • Open Stringer (2 balusters per tread)
  • Open Stringer (alternating 2-3-2 balusters per tread)
  • Standard Balcony (no newels)
  • Short Balcony (even number of balusters)
  • Short Balcony (odd number of balusters)
  • Long Balcony (even number of balusters)
  • Long Balcony (odd number of balusters)
  • 2 varieties of Balcony with Rake (3 balusters per tread)
  • Balcony with Rake (alternating 2-3-2 balusters per tread)
The color of the wall, behind each staircase, can be any color you wish.  You may pick a different wall color for each staircase background image.  We typically recommend one of nine colors that are the most popular for home interiors, but you may pick any color you like.
We will stamp your company or product logo on all staircase background images used in your stair design tool.
A theme is a set of colors and buttons that give your StairArtist® stair design tool character. We offer several different themes for you to choose from for your stair design tool.
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Customizations  (hourly rates apply)
One of the best ways to set your instance of StairArtist apart from your competition is through the use of staircase photos that you have taken, and which we modify into staircase backgrounds for use within StairArtist.

Unique, custom backgrounds may be created from photos you have of staircases, making real-world scenes become dynamic staircase playgrounds for your customers.

This type of custom graphics work is performed by us at our usual and customary hourly rate.

See an example of a
custom staircase background
by clicking here.