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For an individual stair company to create and purchase a drag and drop stair design tool such as StairArtist®, it would require an initial investment of over $20,000.00.  The estimated cost includes paying for a software developer, a graphic artist, a photographer, a web developer, baluster and newel samples, photoshopping staircase images, and the cost of putting it all together.  The cost of something like this is out of the price range for most companies.

Not only have tools like this been unaffordable for most companies in the past, but the project of putting it together is extremely time-consuming.  Such a project rarely takes less than six months to put together, and some companies spend years, only to receive a tool they still aren't completely happy with.

You no longer have to worry about managing the creation and development of a software tool, when your focus should be on what you do best, and that is selling stair parts.   Adding a stair design tool to your website has never been easier or more affordable.
With StairArtist®, it is much easier for your customer to visualize what he or she is buying.  Your sales team no longer needs to provide drawings for your customers.   The time required to close a sale is therefore greatly reduced.

You and your customers can create entire portfolios of staircase layouts, and see them side by side, by sharing StairArtist® layout constructions on Pinterest pin boards.  This will allow you to close deals more quickly.  Click here for more information.
Your customer can spend his or her own time, without the aid of a sales person, creating stair layouts that give him or her a better idea of what he or she is buying.  This reduces the amount of time your sales personnel need to spend with your customers, thus lowering the cost of each sale.
Because you no longer need to provide sample staircase layouts in your catalog, the cost of your catalog is also reduced.   If you are a small operation and do not have your own catalog, StairArtist® gives your customer the feeling he or she is dealing with a much larger organization, giving you greater credibility.

In addition, you will receive free and powerful Internet marketing through social network sharing of staircase layout constructions that you and your customers perform.  Social network shares that you and your customers create can and will be shared repeatedly by others, giving your company increased exposure.  Click here for more information.
It is often necessary for your sales personnel to travel to the home of your customer.  Many times, that sales person will take samples of stair parts with them.  If your customer does not like those samples, several such trips may be required.   With StairArtist®, this travel by members of your sales team is greatly reduced.
StairArtist® effectively automates your showroom.  There is no longer need for warehouse personnel to fetch parts and lay them out on the floor for your customers to only respond, "No, let's try this instead."  Set up a computer in your showroom, make StairArtist® available on it, and pay less for physical showroom space.
Because StairArtist® makes it easy for your customer to visualize stair patterns, he or she is more likely to be pleased with the products you sell to him or her and install in his or her home.
We will host your custom instance of StairArtist® on our servers.  This eliminates the need for you to pay a web developer who is probably not familiar with configuring and maintaining the tool.  It also reduces the time and cost of upgrading your stair design tool, as we will apply all software upgrades to your instance of the tool, as soon as those upgrades become available.
We are actively upgrading and enhancing StairArtist®.  Because we host the StairArtist® stair design tool on our servers, we are able to upgrade your tool with the latest software enhancements as soon as they become available.