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StairArtist® Splash Screen Promotions

A splash screen appears when users first open your StairArtist® stair design tool.  
This screen will display your company contact information, logo, and a link to
StairArtist® help videos.

There is also a place on the splash screen for you to promote sales or specials
you may offer, or to put your company slogan or a call to action.  You may put
anything you wish in this space on the splash screen (as long as it is not offensive).

Just let us know what sales promo, slogan, or call to action you would like to
put on your StairArtist® splash screen, and we will make it happen.  Note that
we will update your promotion, slogan, or call to action once each quarter at
no additional charge.

Below are some examples.

20% Off All Items Purchased Before Thanksgiving!
Call or Email for Specials!
10% Off All Parts Purchased by July 4th!
Call or Email with Promo Code A1B2 For a 15% Discount!
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