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Make Your StairArtist® Unique (click an item to see more)

There are several ways in which you can differentiate your instance of StairArtist® from your competitors:

We give you a wide range of staircase background styles to choose from, and we are adding new ones all the time.  In addition, you get to choose the color of the wall that is behind each staircase.  Your choices make your instance of the tool unique.
We stamp your company or product logo on all the staircase backgrounds used in your stair design tool.  This shows your customer that the StairArtist® tool he or she is using on your website is uniquely yours, and that your company is "leading edge" with respect to technology.  It gives your customer the feeling that he or she is dealing with a large company, even if you are a small "mom and pop" organization.
StairArtist® uses a distinctive sound for each action your customer performs in the tool.  From the sound associated with the drop of a baluster into a slot of the staircase, to the sound made when the mouse is moved over any button or menu item in the tool, each action is "brought to life" through audible feedback.

You may distinguish your instance of StairArtist® from your competitors by changing the sounds associated with each action in the tool.  Simply provide us with MP3 files containing the sounds you wish to associate with actions in the tool, and we will configure your instance of StairArtist® to uniquely use those sounds.

In the near future, we plan on creating several different pre-configured sound packages from which you may choose the sounds for use in your unique instance of StairArtist®.
When your customer drags a baluster or newel over the staircase background, a trashcan appears. He or she may discard the stair part by dropping it onto that trashcan.  You may further distinguish your StairArtist® stair design tool from your competitors by providing your own trashcan image, rather than use the stock trashcan photo that we provide.

In the near future, we plan on creating several different pre-configured trashcan images from which you may choose the trashcan for use in your unique instance of StairArtist®.
One of the best ways to set your instance of StairArtist® apart from your competition is through the use of staircase photos that you have taken, and which we modify into staircase backgrounds for use within StairArtist®.

Unique, custom backgrounds may be created from photos you have of staircases, making real-world scenes become dynamic staircase playgrounds for your customers.

This type of custom graphics work is performed by us at our usual and customary hourly rate.

See an example of a
custom staircase background
by clicking here.