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Specialty Backgrounds

We have created several specialty backgrounds from photos for you to use in your instance of StairArtist®.  These may be viewed, below.

Because of the time and effort involved to prepare these photos for use in StairArtist®, it is necessary that we charge an additional fee for their use. 

Here are current prices for specialty backgrounds:

Quantity Price
1 - 3 $80.00 each
4 - 6 $75.00 each
7 - 9 $70.00 each
10 or more $65.00 each

We will also prepare custom photos you provide of staircases, for use in your instance of StairArtist®, for an additional fee.

Below are the custom backgrounds we currently offer:

(click an image to zoom in)
Background CB-1
Background CB-2
Background CB-3
Background CB-4
Background CB-5
Background CB-6
Background CB-7
Background CB-8
Background CB-9
Background CB-10
Background CB-11
Background CB-12
Background CB-13
Background CB-14
Background CB-15
Background CB-16
Background CB-17
Background CB-18
Background CB-19
Background CB-20