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Balcony with Rake #2 (3 balusters per tread)

Here are staircase backgrounds having a balcony with a rake, and the rake has 3 balusters per tread.  There are 9 versions of the staircase on this page, one for each of the 9 most popular interior wall colors.  You may specify any color you wish for the wall color, but these 9 are considered the most popular for interior walls.


  • Each staircase is available rising from right to left or left to right.
  • Each staircase is available with post-to-post, over-the-post, or no newel at either end of the run.

(click an image to zoom in)
Background BR2-1
Background BR2-2
Background BR2-3
Background BR2-4
Background BR2-5
Background BR2-6
Background BR2-7
Background BR2-8
Background BR2-9